Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last Sunday I received a text from an unknown number telling me that if I'm interested for a part-time opportunity I just have to log-in my details in a website that they gave me. And so I did. The website is legit when I opened it and the info’s needed are the basic stuff like the name, address, etc.

On Monday, I received a text message that I was scheduled for an interview in Goodland Bldg with Paul Morton @ 1:30 pm Tuesday. They said that they are a company expanding in Philippines who handles online customer service, recruitment, training, management, consultation and work by phone.

I went to the building yesterday and used my lunch break to go out. I was puzzled to see a lot of people waiting and then I saw some wellness and health products displayed on the lobby. I had a feeling that somehow selling and marketing is part of the "part-time" opportunity of their company. After filling-out the form that was given by the receptionist, not later than 5 minutes Paul Morton himself called out my name and usher me to a room where we have a casual conversation. Nothing technical or business-like. After answering a few basic questions, he told me that they are looking for 5 supervisors to be a part of their team and it seems that I am over qualified. But then he asked me to stay for the "seminar" and see for myself what the options that I can select if in case I got interested.

After waiting for 10 minutes, the presentation starts followed by a woman presenting the company, its industry and what they do. They are a wellness company whose goal is to help people gain, loss and maintained their weight. Apart from that they have products for skin and energy boosters for the body.

I spent 2 hours and a half sitting on their room listening through the opportunities and true-to-life stories who gain financial freedom through Herbalife. Luckily, they had a break and I was able to escape. Hurriedly, I ride a FX taxi going to my office. I tried selling before and honestly it didn't work out for me. Although I must say that their products work and take note, their celebrity endorser is none other than David Beckham. They paid him US$200,000 just to wear the football jersey with the named Herbalife written on it for 2 years (I think). They really are a BIG TIME company.


Unknown said...

I just received a text message regarding this and checked the website. I googled it and found your blog. Now you didn't leave or transfer companies for this did you?

Unknown said...

Hi Mia! Nope I didn't.
I'm not a SALES person. I'm sure there are other ways to earn extra money.

SALES and MARKETING is not cut for me.

grace said...

Hi. you been to herbalife opportunity meeting,
i did sign up 3 weeks ago, im a nursing student doing it so part time in 2 weeks ive earn 10 k.
bakit di mo i try ulit ang sarili mo!!! to have a business honesty when i signed up i dont know how does the marketing plan, hindi ito ang field ko, but herbalife will help you out the process!!!! dont give up men!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Grace! Kasi feeling ko the opportunity involves mahina ako dun...

grace said...

its not all about selling,, you just have to promote, talk to people and recruit:::
plus, the company will teach you how is the marketing process,,,,
take a look again,dont me negative,

Not an Herbalife Distributor said...

Herbalife are great products! The biggest limitation I see in the Herbalife opportunity is that distributors don’t have a simple way to brand their individual businesses. Giving customers and prospects a free gift would certainly help!