Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Thanks Jan for this tag! I enjoyed it ;)

My birthday is on August 5th.

Color: Sun Orange
Character: Regal. Inspiring. Powerful
Profile: The color for the month of August is Sun Orange. Grand and royal, this is a color that resonates with poer and greatness. Gold signifies both spiritual and material wealth. The Sun moves through the majestic sign of Leo during the month of August. The sign of Leo rules royalty. The brightness of this color dispels darkness and is especially helpful when you feel the need to protect yourself. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Sun Orange increases joy and optimism. It also assists in aligning you with riches, monetary support and your position in life.

My Color: Feldspar
My Character: Independent. Trustworthy. Kind
My Profile: You have many gifts and talents. Your ability to make something out of nothing is awe-inspiring. People like you and when you feel centered, you can move in and out of professional and social spheres with grace and ease. You need a certain amount of independence and recognition in order to do a good job. Your personal color inspires trust and flow. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Feldspar integrates your need for independence and your desire for a loving partnership.

Feldspar's color ranges from pale blue up to park blue. That's probably the reason why I heart the color BLUE....hehehe.

I'm passing this to - Sheryll , Jown , Abie and Jovie . Click HERE to see your colors :)


-:- Moi -:- said...

hi sis! i went to the site but cant copy my profile like you did. How did you do it? Did you type it mano mano? Anyway, I enjoyed this tag, thanks so much! :)

Unknown said...

hi sis! i've answered your query sa cbox mo :)