Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.38

I really needed a break! Good thing that Jan finally posted a topic to talk about for this week :)

Since my work involves sourcing for IT professionals, I've encountered a lot of different names everyday but most of them are either Indians or US Citizens. Nevertheless, I also have a few local names that can contribute. Actually, most of it will be local names because of my colleagues who are working for local market.

Thanks to Oieyds for giving me names that are sort of "unusual" so to speak:

Marlon Arinola
Paulo Root III
Ronnie Palicpic
Mae Anne Luya
Perlito Palay
Richie Boyboy
Melchedick Pison
Ramon Tabo
Chalk Bareng
Robert Dickens
Keeth Lee Krider
Kissinger Reyes
Jusielyn Quirap
Allan Kilayko

Basing from their first names, you will know how creative parents can be when they are naming their child/children. Surnames however reflect their family's origin especially here in the Philippines where there are lots of mixed races. You can easily distinguish which one has a foreign blood and which are a true native Filipinos.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

omg! the best mga to! top of my list are marlon arinola, richie boyboy & allan kilayko! hahaha!

Unknown said...

Ü Ayos ang mga names noh?! Mga IT professionals yan ;)

Oieyds said...

hey hey hey... ayos ba joanne? hehe Even me na aamaze sa mga names nila.. well you can also include my name as well.. hehe "OIEYDIE" hehe.. share lang.. thanks joanne.. mwuah..

Unknown said...

Thanks Oieyds for the names ;)