Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.37

I still can't make up my mind if I will push through the Grande Island trip or not. Sigh!

For the meantime, I'll answer the coffee break for the week. This will give me a few moments to stop stressing out with the first wedding anniversary plan. I'm the planner between the two of us so obviously, hubby has no idea about it.

Anyways back on Jan's question, my two cents here is...
I think that LEADERS are BORN. If you have the traits of a leader and you want to be a leader then you will be one. You can easily point or assign someone to be a leader but deep inside them they don't like it or they don't have a feel to be one. Or worst, they don't have the traits of a "good leader". Sooner or later, that "leader" will either be demoted or replaced by a new one.

For example in a company, you have a manager who was appointed to manage over a team. As a subordinate, you will know if he/she is cut to lead or not. On my own experience, our manager was not the ideal one. After working with her for 8 months I relaizeed that she's missing a LOT of qualities to be a manager. Apart from me, there were others who had the same thought as mine who eventually resigned because of her...hehehe.

There are times that I want to take the lead especially if I'm up for the responsibility but other times I just want to take the backseat. As what Jan said, a lot of expectations are thrown when your a leader. You have to give your 101% best and meet what is expected of you.

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