Friday, September 19, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.36

So sorry Jan. Again, my coffee break post is late. Honestly I'm racking up my brain to for the TV series that I would like to be back on the TV screen.

Let's see.... definitely I want:

Knight Rider - the car is cool! Plus David H was so hot looking at that time ;)

Macgyver - I agree with you Jan. Very resourceful and innovative guy that he is :)

Friends - I love them! They're all funny and apart from that my english comm skills improved because of them :) Hahahaha! Our American accent trainer used to play an episode of Friends for us to listen and be familiarize with the slangs and conversational English.


Mec said...

BH 90210!!! :)

happy weekend sis...

Unknown said...

Ü Di ko kasi hilig manood ng BH 90210 dati...di ko alam kung bakit =P