Wednesday, September 17, 2008


That's what I felt after watching Charice with Celine Dion on their performance at Madison Square Garden last Monday (Sept 15).

She's one lucky girl and she deserves it! After being through a lot of struggle, it's her time to shine!

Thanks to YouTube ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, galing naman nya. I imagined before na maka duet ni sarah geronimo si celine and kantahin nila yung "to love you more" pero c charice pa ang nauna.

Unknown said...

Galing noh?! Aside from Celine Dion, naka-duet na rin ni Charice si Andrea Boccelli sa concert in Italy. Kinanta nila yung THE PRAYER.

trinity said...

galing ni charice no..i saw that oprah will have another show sa kanya regarding her again tom. (sept. 19). they will show how charice did with celine!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Trinity! Thanks for the info.

Charice is so lucky that David Foster and Oprah is building her up in the US :)