Monday, September 15, 2008

50 ODD Things

Snagged from Ebethski (W@Wie like me)

1* Do you like cheese? I love cheese as long as it's not too much for my tummy...hehehe

2* Have you ever smoked heroin? Never

3* Do you own a gun? Don't have one but I would like to have a "balisong" of my own ;)

4* Your favorite song? Uhmm.. The Prayer

5* Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yep.

6* What do you think of hotdogs? Delicious!

7* Favorite Christmas song? I forgot it was sung by Michael Jackson when he was still a child.

8* What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Hot choco specifically Milo

9* Can you do push ups? I'm not sure. Maybe

10* Favorite super-hero? Superman

11* What's your favorite piece of jewelry? earrings and ring

12* Favorite hobby? watching DVDs and crosstitching

13* Secret weapon to get the opposite sex? SMILE :)

14* Do you have A.D.D.? Residential and email address -> I have both!

15* What one trait do you hate about yourself? short-term memory lose...ahahaha!

16* Middle Name? Now that I'm married, it's Malazarte

17* Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. (1) when will I get my bonus? (2) what time will I get home after meeting my college friends later? (3) where is the nearest BDO branch in ayala?

18* Name 3 things you bought yesterday? (1) carpet mat (2) egg pie (3) stud earrings for my little sissy :)

19* Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? (1) water (2) fit n right (3) juice

20* Current worry right now? my long-overdue bonus

21* Current hate? the admin in my company

22* Favorite place? Tagaytay

23* How will you bring in the New Year? I haven't thought about it yet

24* Where would you like to go? Boracay, Amanpulo, HK Disney land and Europe <-(ultimate travel dream)

25* Name three people who will complete this and return? I'm not sure. I'll just let them snag it if they want to answer this :)

26* Do you own flip flops? yup

27* What shirt are you wearing? mostly it's t-shirts

28* Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? uhmm...not really..I like comforters and cotton :)

29* Can you whistle? Yep! ;)

30* Favorite color/s? red, blue, yellow, black and orange

31* Would you like to be a pirate? Nope. Dirty-looking...hehehe

32* What songs do you sing in the shower room? That's weird, I didn't sing in the shower for a long time.

33* Favorite girl's name? Reejane

34* Favorite boy's name? Can't think of any

35* What's in your pocket right now? nothing

36* Last thing that made you laugh? I forgot

37* Best bed sheets as a child? don't remember

38* Worst injury you've ever had? When the corner of door which is made of aluminum scrape off a bit off my feet's skin. It hurts! (I can see the bone and the flesh when it happened)

39* Do you love where you live? Yup as long as it's just the two of us

40* How many computers do you have in your house? Just a laptop

41* Who is your loudest friend? That will be Jen

42* How many dogs do you have? none

43* Does someone have a crush on you? Maybe. I don't care anymore, I'm married :)

45* What is your favorite book? Angels and Demons

46* What is your favorite candy? Mentos (the freshmaker)

47* Favorite Sports Teams? LA Lakers and Ginebra...hihihihi

48* What song do you want played at your funeral? Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt (knock on wood)

49* What were you doing 12 AM last night? I'm dozing off in never ever land

50* What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up? it's Monday and I have to get up

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