Friday, August 1, 2008


That's what I felt yesterday after leaving our office and trying to get home. A lot of people are on the streets obviously waiting for a taxi cab or jeepneys but to no avail. When it's raining heavily in Makati, almost all the streets get flooded in an instant. That's why there are few public utility vehicles that can be seen braving the flooded areas of the city which includes the jeepneys going to PRC. I think I've seen only 4 jeepneys that passed through and all of them are jammed pack with 3 males hanging at the end of the jeepney. As If I can do that so might as well walk.

So from our office in Salcedo St. all the way to Yague St. (near Philippine Daily Inquirer) I started my walkathon via Chino Roces Ave. (Pasong Tamo). Yup! Hard to believe that I managed to do it that even Randiej is surprised when I tell him that I walked all the way from work just to get home. Good thing that there are some people who were walking like me so I didn't feel sorry for myself at all...hehehe.

I'm so tired when I got home that I asked Hubby to cook our dinner while I'm resting my aching feet and exhausted body.

I just hope that I won't have to go through that again later...

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