Sunday, August 3, 2008


Last Friday we went to MOA as planned to buy a TV rack unfortunately we didn't end up buying one :( The TV rack that I saw last week is no longer on sale and it's back to it's regular price. Bummer! Randiej told me that we buy one on the next payday since the budget that we alloted is not feasible due to the unexpected change. Fine. Then maybe it's not yet the right timing...ahaha!

Saturday (yesterday) was a chaotic day for me. Me and Randiej arrived here in Dasma at 1pm. At 3pm, me and my sister went to the mall to buy the food for our little party...hehehe. The foods that we have are the good 'ole reliable spaghetti from Red Ribbon which was a hit to my younger siblings and cousins. Then a KFC chicken, Greenwich Overload Pizza and Red Ribbon Blueberry Cheesecake which I've been craving for since last month....hehehe. My sister's suitor where here yesterday as well and he brought a Goldilocks cake... hmm... trying to impress us, I guess? Hehehehe.

PCs and PSPs are the center of attention most of the time. That's the cause of all the noise and fuss in the house. Hubby installed DOTA on the PC so my brothers are ecstatic to play the game. My little sister and cousins are having arguments on whose turns will it be to play the new games on PSP. I'm starting to have a headache from all of the commotions.

All in all, the day was a happy one for me (though it's tiring). All my siblings are there. Too bad we forgot to take a picture of us. The next time that all of us will be together will be on Christmas Day.

Today, two of my siblings will be going back home in ParaƱaque City. My sister went ahead yesterday with the suitor accompanying her. Me and hubby will be here till Tuesday. I'm excited for Tuesday to come. Tagaytay, here we come....again!

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