Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of the few reasons why I went here (Dasma) is to check the exact problem with the desktop that the people here are complaining about. According to my brother and cousins whenever they turn it on, it will show the Windows XP Home logo then tries to boot up to the pre log-on screen of windows and then it will automaticall restarts on its own.

Early this morning, I tried to see it for myself and surely their exact description is what transpired. Being a technical support for Dell for almost 3 years, I tried to boot it in Safe Mode - no go. Try Last Known Good Configuration - no go. I checked the CMOS setup and load the defaults setting - no go. Reseat the IDE cable of the HD - no go. I'm actually getting frustrated trying every possible way to know the CAUSE of the problem.

This time, I set the CMOS setup to boot from the CD-ROM then I put the WinXP CD. This time I tried to repair the XP using the command - chkdsk /r. The repair run for 45 mins as I expected. I was thinking that it could be a hard drive failure but no errors comes up when the repair is in progress until it finished. Hardware issue is disregarded. After the repair, I restarted the PC hoping and praying that it will work. To my dismay, it didn't. I called a friend who is my former team mate in Client Logic. Re-format and re-install is my last resort so I tried to look for other options aside from that. Luckily she's at home and not at work. Thank goodness! She told me to try another repair of Windows XP without going to the command prompt. That meant is proceeding to a new Windows installation but instead of selecting to install a fresh copy of the OS, I will choose the R for repair. Gratefully I said goodbye and hoping for the best that this will work.

I boot again from Windows XP disc then follow the prompts that my friend told me (I must admit that I'm a little bit out of touch with my T/S skills now). The repair went well with a breeze then when it restarted I was glad that I passed through the screen where the PC will restart on it's own and then shocked to see a screen of Windows where it's welcoming you and telling you that they guide you for a step-by-step to setup the PC. That is the screen that you normally see when you just reinstall a fresh copy of an OS. I'm having doubts if the old files are still there. I was thinking that I should have reinstall a fresh copy if all the files will be gone with this method. I went follow the prompts on the screen then the PC restarted and voila! Lo and behold! The desktop screen with the icons of the old files and programs are still there! Even the broadband connection is working okay after plugging the cable. OMG!

Now the PC is running and my brother and cousins are happy to have it up and running. They are so addicted in changing the layouts of their friendster profiles...hehehe. I'm happy as well since I can check my emails, blog an entry for the day and start my digital scrapping

I will suggest to my aunt to have the RAM upgraded and the HD drive as well so it will be much faster and more files can be stored. After this incident, I missed the days when I was troubleshooting 5 days a week for PC and laptop users. But then again, I'm happy with my current job

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