Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm done with my work! Yahooo! It's time for me to wander the net.

Yesterday, I have to answer all the pending tags and opps. Whew! Good thing I did finished. Except for some new tag(s) that I have to do before the week ends. I'll just do them tomorrow...hihihihi

Monday is holiday! Yipeee, another long weekend! I love August! Although in Chinese, it's a Ghost Month but I think I considered myself lucky on my birth month.

Btw, congrats to Barangay Ginebra for winning Game 4. The status of the Fiesta Conference Finals is 2-2. We watched their game on TV 5 last night. I was actually planning to watch Game 5 tomorrow live in Cuneta Astrodome together with Hubby but he told me that he prefers to watch a movie or two instead. Says his not up for the treat of watching the game live since JJ Helterbrand is not playing due to injury.... choosey!

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Rhea said...

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for the bag tag. I'm going to do that next. =)

Pls check out my blog, have a tag for you too.