Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mistaken Identity?

I forgot to share a funny story about us. It happened last August 5 when we (hubby and I) are on our way back to my grandma's house from our lunch in Tagaytay.

Just like any ordinary subdivisions in Cavite, we rode a tricycle in order for us to get inside the village then home. The driver of the tricycle happens to know me by face since he always saw me whenever I'm having a vacation there.

Just when we are nearing to a stop in front of my lola's house he asked me if the person I'm with is my "Papa". Confused was probably written all over my face because he asked me the same question for the second time. My brain is working if he meant of Papa is "my biological father" or "my special someone". Still unable to answer he elaborated the question asking me "Tatay mo ba yan?". Surpised by the meaning of his question I automatically replied, "Hinde ah, asawa ko po yan". It was an honest mistake by the driver so we don't hold any grudge against him. After that incident, I always tease hubby about it. Lucky for me, he was very sport and cool about my jokes.

Sometimes I really wonder if I look so young that some people mistook my husband as my biological father?! Or was it that my husband looks older because of his subtles?!

What do you think? Do we look like a father-daughter tandem? Ü

MORAL LESSON: LOOKS can REALLY be deceiving...hehehe

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