Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday John Michael

Hapy Birthday to my "little" brother today! He already went off to school together with my cousins. I wonder if any of his classmates know that it's his birthday today....

Of all the siblings that I had, his the one the I have the fondest memories with when he was a baby. I'm always the one who took care of him aside from my grandmother when I'm in Dasma Cavite having a vacation . His a hyper-active baby back then...hehehe. When you let him stand on your lap, he will start to jump up and down on his feet. Literaly his a "bouncing baby boy". He likes to be carry around always and he doesn't like to be in a crib. He will start having tantrums and then eventually cry if we do that.

His starting to grow up so fast that we are almost have the same height and his only 12 years old to date. His aware of his "good looks" that's why his very conscious with his appearance. He even had a Gatsby Hair Styling Wax in his room!

Since I'm the one shouldering his schooling, my only wish for him is to finish his studies and be successful someday. His smart young lad although he tends to be lazy sometimes but I know he can do it.


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