Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 28 To Me

I'm officially 28! Some of my friends already greeted me and I'm glad that they remembered.
Btw, thanks Jan for the advance greeting

In a few hours will be going to Tagaytay. Just me and hubby. Our destination will be reveal later in my blog.

Weather check: It's cloudy skies here in Cavite. Early this morning it rained hard. Anyways, even if it rains I'm still determine to push through with my plan. It's my birthday so I can do whatever I want!

Have a great morning everyone!


Rocks said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks sis! Ü

Gracie said...

happy birthday, joanne! :) many happy returns!! *hugs!*

Unknown said...

Thanks Gracie! XOXO