Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fastest Interview

I woke up early this morning so I can prepare hubby's breakfast. He had an interview at 8am in Cityland 10 Tower II in Makati so he better be on time.

I woke him at around 5:45am and I went to take a bath while his busy eating his breakfast after which he took a bath after I finished. I gave him a few pointers last night on what to say to the interviewee...hehehe.

We left the house at 7:30am so we took a cab in order to go to his interview on time. After dropping him off, I went to my office. Less than 30 mins have passed, I received a text message from hubby saying that his on his way home. The interviewee is a foreigner (not sure about the citizenship) and Randiej honestly told him that his not that comfortable using Autocad unlike Solidworks. So the foreigner told him to come back once his familiar with Autocad since he will be asked to do a hands-on as an exam. I think it took only 15-20 mins for Hubby to be interviewed.
Now I'm contemplating if I should enroll my husband in a short term course for Autocad or he can just do a self-study of the software. I was thinking that a certificate completing the course is a plus when you apply for jobs, right? I'm not sure if Hubby will like the idea. I was having doubts of his suggestion "self-study". That means he will go to his aunt's house in QC to install the software on the PC (it matches the system requirements needed for Autocad 2008) but his brother is living there (a BI) who had the DSL connection back and that means only one thing, they can play DOTA anytime.

I'm not obviously thrilled with his idea...

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