Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast Break

This will be a quick entry for me. It seems that I'm running out of time to blog for the day. I was hoping that I could blog some more but on the first half of my day, I was busy browsing the net for an Autocad freeware which I could download for hubby. There's one which is Autocad 2009 but the system requirements are so advance so I set aside the idea to download it. It's no use to download it and then it will not work properly on the laptop or desktop that we have.

Second half of the day was focused on my work then I made a quick break and went to Makati Cinema Square so I can buy an Autocad 2007 or lower versions just so to meet the system requirements. The only available version is 2008. Oh well, it's better to have one than nothing.

Hubby needs to practice and be familiarize with the software since he will be having an interview for a Design Engineer position and an exam in Autocad. So there, I'm keeping my fingers cross that the software will run in the laptop or on the desktop in my grandma's house. Yep! Will be going today to Dasma Cavite once my shift is over. I love long weekends!

I only have two minutes left to get ready. Time for me to pack up and leave the office.

Ciao for now


david santos said...

Have a nice weekend.

Kero said...

Good luck to your hubby's interview. My husband is a structural/design engineer and he works for a precast company. I hope your hubby too will get the job

Unknown said...

Thanks Kero!

He has a pending application as well in Bahrain. I'm keeping my fingers cross Ü