Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fashion Evolution

I'm going to answer last Thursday's Qs in N@W which is all about FASHION :)

1. Did your taste in fashion change when you got married or became aparent? In what way? - It did improve but it's still on a simple side not too fancy. Before I always wear jeans and T-shirts but now I wear blouses, leggings and capri pants. On special occasions, I wear dresses which I refused to wear before....hehehe.

2. Were you ever dressed identically with your siblings during yourchildhood days (same cloth or design)? How did you feel about that? If not, did you ever wish you were dressed identically with your sibling/s or parent? (Matching dresses/cloths) - Oh yes! My sister and I always have the same design of dress but different color. People often mistook us as twins. Sometimes I wish we are wearing different clothes but it's not much a big deal for us at that time since we are young.

3. Let's go down memory lane.Do you remember preferring a particulartype of fashion or brand when you were growing up? (pre-adolescent and teenage years) What were these and why? - It's always blue t-shirts of Seventeen (Cinderella) or Petit Monde and a pair of jeans. I don't even remember why I am so fond with blue t-shirts...hehehe.

4. If given the choice, what fashion era would you like to make acomeback? (ex. 50's classic, 60's prim and proper, 70's hippie/tie dye,80's punk/psychedelic, 90's grunge) Why? - I think 90's is what appeals to me most.

5. What present fad today (style or brand) do you think is overpriced and/or impractical?- Blouses! Some blouses are way too expensive since they're branded. I'm not even sure if the materials they are using are all that imported because some of the labeled companies had their garments manufactured in Vietnam, China and Philippines.

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