Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Curious Joy Wants to See...

Rules :
1. Be Spontaneous and have fun!!!
2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag / bag and take out all the stuff inside. Take a picture of all your stuff.. Everything... Even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper.. or we might see something amazing in your bag.!!
3. List all the things ..
4. Make sure to link back to
Aussietalks and leave your URL
5. Pass this to your friends and tell them to link back..

Stuff inside my bag:

make-up kit
atm receipts
envelope from my insurance
my SE W800i phone with pouch
coin purse
2 pens
a pair of sunglasses in a black case
another pair of sunglasses in a sock...hehehe.

1. Joy 2. Lovejoy 3. Lis 4. haze 5. Joanne 6. You're next

It's your turn to share what's inside your bags :
Chie , Raquel , Rhea , Maybelle and Irmee


Rocks said...

will do the tag later sis :) thanks so much!

Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Hi Joanne... Thank you so much for doing the tag...
Teka ang dami mo naman sunglasses!!! ha ha ha..
And the ever reliable Umbrella!! for rainy and sunny day..... Syempre pa ang make up kit .. always handy for a beauty touch ups....
Have a great day my dear....

Unknown said...

Hi Joy! Oo nga eh, 2 pair of sunglasses ang bitbit ko...hehehe.

Ay naku, di talaga pwede na walang umbrella sa bag ko. I've learned my lessons from previous experiences ;)

Chie Vallesteros said...

Thanks for the tag :-)

Gracie said...

can i snag, jhoanne? :)

Unknown said...

Hi Gracie! Sure po :) Feel free to snag it ;)

Rocks said...

hi sis! am finally done with the tag :) see it here;