Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.31

When I read in Jan's blog for this week's topic, I remembered the song of Sharon Cuneta "Highschool Life". In the song, it says that it was a phase in student's life that is most memorable and unforgettable. Probably because there are many "firsts" that happened during this period Ü

Let's see, when I was in highschool my major concerned was my grades. I make it a point to be academically competitive. So my usual WORRIES and FEARS were:

* Graduation
* Grades
* Exams
* Projects
* Terror Teachers who made you feel that your going to failed in their subjects
* Math ( I don't like this subject except for Trigonometry)
* Physics (because it's getting tougher and tougher every quarter)
* CAT (actually I hate the preparation of putting white barrettes and hairnet. I also dislike it when the male students have a tendency to be a bully with their subordinates)
* Prom
* My loyal suitor back then (his so persistent that I always have to make a way for him not to see me)

(Listed items are arranged from top to bottom based on their level of importance)

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