Friday, August 15, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.31

Advance Happy Birthday to you Jan! Ü
I saw your blog in multiply just this morning...hehehe. Now moving to our coffee break topic...

A couple of days back I've watched in cable the games of our two Filipino athletes, Mark Javier (archery) and Harry Tanamor (boxing) respectively. I was hoping that Javier will won but he didn't. The Chinese Taipe he was up against was good. They are tied when Javier's opponent hit the bullseye twice making him the winner. In Tanamor's case, I already knew that he will be lost. The scoreboard shows that his contender is 4 points ahead. As much as Filipinos are known for being a great boxer, I guess lady-luck was not on Tanamor's side at that time.

The answer is plain and simple: A BUDGET ALLOTED FOR OUR FILIPINO ATHLETES. The husband and I were discussing about this yesterday night on how absurd GMA's idea of giving a 14M pesos for whoever from our athletes brings home a gold medal. How come she can give a 14M in an instant instead of alloting that money before the Olympics to support and provide the necessary trainings and expenses our athletes needed.

I was surprised to know that we only have 15 representatives in Beijing unlike before. So what are the odds of bringing home a gold medal when they are only few who can compete in various categories. We don't have representatives for basketball, bowling and the equestrian which we have before. We do have boxing but it was represented by only one.

Honestly, they are a lot of talented athletes who can represent our country for international competitions. The only issue is the MONEY. Hopefully after the Beijing Olympics, our government will take time to realize the importance of our athletes in giving pride and honor to our country.

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