Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.30

Again, it was a week late. Last week was a busy one for me since I celebrated my birthday and I'm still high in the clouds from all the excitement and happiness (minus the news about our team).

Now for my share of the restaurants that I recommend:

(1) Hawaiian Bar-B-Que Restaurant in Boutique Tagaytay - this is where me and hubby went on my day. We ate our lunch there but I'm sure it will be awesome to dine-in at night. The lightning will be an add-on to the relaxing view of Tagaytay. And the prices are affordable since most of their servings are good for 2 people so I highly recommen the place! The food are delicious especially their specialty dish which is the Hawaiian baby Back Ribs. Yummy!

(2) Mann Hann Megamall - when I was still working in Ortigas, I always love to eat here together with my closest team mates and hubby (that time he was still my bf). Love their siomai and the chao fan rice! I so heart rice! Also, most of the servings are good for 4 persons making it a real value for money. I miss eating here....there's always a next time.

(3) Dencios - I love their food as well. Value for your money. I specifically like their sisig...hehehe. With regards to ambience, I'm not sure since they have a lot of branches so I'm basing this from food and price alone.

We haven't tried other restaurants making us sort of outdated but hopefully in the future we will be more adventurous and grand to try them...hehehe.

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