Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brave Souls

I remembered my ex-supervisor saying that "Marriage is for the brave souls". At that time, I knew he had a phobia of getting married again. He was married once but it failed. Currently, his happily married for 1 year and 4 months and working in Singapore. They got married last year in HK in a civil ceremony. After returning from their HK trip, he was proud telling us all that he is one of the breave souls...hehehe.

Prior to our wedding last year, me and Randiej went to my mother' province in Batangas so I can introduced him to our relatives. My grandmother's sister gave us an advice that once we are married we should have lots of patience and strong-willed. I was wondering why she said the word "strong-willed".

As months passed in our marriage life, I clearly understand all of them. They were all right. Indeed marriage is for the brave souls. Those souls who are willing to - be patient; to love unconditionally; to standby their spouse through good and bad; to accept their own faults and learn to compromise; to change for the better for their future family; to keep the love and faith as years gone by.

I'm thinking for how long can I be a brave soul like them (my parents and grandparents) who managed to be together despite the constant change in our world. We're just getting started but somehow I can't help but getting tired.... Maybe, it's just a phase that I have to go through and then it will pass...

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