Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday I was still high spirits...lot of people remembered me and the fact that my team mates went overboard to surprise me... I'm touched and felt good that apart from my family, I have friends and team mates that are true, thoughtful and sweet.

Happiness didn't last long... Late afternoon after having our weekly meeting, the HR manager who went to our building ushered us to a private office room. It's me, Rod, Con, Gi and our PM who are there. Aisah and Niña are not inlcuded. My brain starts to kick-in and I was thinking that they are probably transferring me to support the local market requirements. But the news is much worst than what I anticipate at that time...

Region 2 which is composed of DC, VA and Harrisburg, PA decided to pull out the support here in Manila. Our PM is part of R2 and so Niña and Aisah. All of them decided to pursue other opportunities oustide our company and they're last day will be on September 5

Originally, our team was 15 all in all including our PM. Then it zoomed down to 4. I'm the sole sourcing team member who will support US, specifically Region 1 which is in Allentown, PA (that's our head office). Rod, Con and Gi supports the local market requirements.

I still can't face the fact that sooner our office that was once full of laughter and bubbly conversations will soon be over...not exactly over since there are still four of us left but surely it will never be the same...

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