Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brave Souls

I remembered my ex-supervisor saying that "Marriage is for the brave souls". At that time, I knew he had a phobia of getting married again. He was married once but it failed. Currently, his happily married for 1 year and 4 months and working in Singapore. They got married last year in HK in a civil ceremony. After returning from their HK trip, he was proud telling us all that he is one of the breave souls...hehehe.

Prior to our wedding last year, me and Randiej went to my mother' province in Batangas so I can introduced him to our relatives. My grandmother's sister gave us an advice that once we are married we should have lots of patience and strong-willed. I was wondering why she said the word "strong-willed".

As months passed in our marriage life, I clearly understand all of them. They were all right. Indeed marriage is for the brave souls. Those souls who are willing to - be patient; to love unconditionally; to standby their spouse through good and bad; to accept their own faults and learn to compromise; to change for the better for their future family; to keep the love and faith as years gone by.

I'm thinking for how long can I be a brave soul like them (my parents and grandparents) who managed to be together despite the constant change in our world. We're just getting started but somehow I can't help but getting tired.... Maybe, it's just a phase that I have to go through and then it will pass...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wacky Weekend

Thanks Jan for this! Im surprised but happy :)

Yup! Weekends are relievers from all sorts of stress from weekdays. Good thing that we were given two days rest from all the jobs that we have to accomplished and expected from us.

Tomorrow we will have a small family gathering since it's the birthday of my other brother on Monday. Me and little bro will be going to our parent's house in Parañaque to see the rest of our family.

Meanwhile, the husband will probably still be in his aun't house in QC. Just as I thought last Friday, he actually put first in his agenda, playing that @#$%! game and haven't started studying Autocad. He told me about it early this morning when I called him. I'm seriously thinking of imprisoning him in our home or I should just give him back to his aunt and brother where his actions are tolerated....

Ooppps, sorry! I got carried away. This is supposed to be wacky...

I'm passing this to - Jeng , Jovie and Sheryll

Early Bird

I woke up a few minutes before 5am here in Dasma Cavite. I've been trying to connect on the internet last night but I have no idea what's the problem with the network card or the network cable. It always says "media disconnected" or "network cable is unplug" but the LED lights on LAN port is on. So here I am trying my luck and fortunately I did go through this time. I have enough T/S last week when I was here.

My little bro and cousin will perform some cultural dances in their school at 9am today. This means I have the PC all to myself...Yes! I've been wanting to explore the digi scrapping world and this is a perfect time to download freebies from the net. I was thinking of purchasing an Adobe CS2 or CS3 as a software. Currently, I only have an Adobe Photoshop 7 installed on this PC.

Later, I'm thinking of hitting SM Dasma. Last week I saw some tops and pants in Maldita that are on 20-30% off. I'm going to check if they are still on sale. I'm still contemplating if I have to spend though.


Friday, August 29, 2008


Hubby and I won't be seeing each other this weekend. Later this afternoon, he will be off to go to QC. Hopefully he can REALLY study the Autocad with his brother around and a DSL connection present...sheesh I can't help but being doubtful about his plan. He was lucky that the foreigner who interviewed him last Wednesday was kind enough to give him a second chance to practice and learn the software.

Me on the other hand will be going to Dasma while Hubby is away. I can't stand being alone in our apartment for 3 days and 2 nights. I'm used to seeing him when I got home from work. I'm used to tickling and pinching him jokingly...Sigh! I'm starting to miss him...

Oh well, Sunday is something I have to look forward to apart from the weekend. Hubby and I will be back in our apartment on that day ;)

Yesterday and Today

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Here are the Rules:
1. List 6 things that describe yourself today and yesterday.
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1. I was emotional early morning at work.
2. I was happy in the afternoon since I had many sourced profiles for the day.
3. I was excited going home early. Hubby and I planned to do our groceries.
4. My hair has a mind of its own so I have to tie it in a ponytail. I feel plain.

1. I was looking forward to the weekend.
2. I was a little sad that Hubby and I won't be seeing each other 'till Sunday. He has to go to his aunt's house in QC to do a self-study in Autocad 2008. Me on the other hand will be going to my grandma's house (again) in Dasma.
3. I'm thinking of ways to entertain myself on the weekend to lessen my sadness.
4. I feel radiant! My hair is behaving well...hehehe.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.31

Good thing that we live in Makati now so I don't have to worry about being late or getting stuck in a traffic jam for like an hour or so. But before when we were still living in QC, I always have to wakeup early to avoid the rush hour. My shift starts at 9am and I woke up at 5am. There are a few times I experienced being late due to LRT technical problems and the never-ending traffic going to Makati CBD.


To appease my mood and keep me cool while waiting for the vehicles to move, I normally do the following:

- Listen to the mp3s in my mobile phone

- Play the games in my mobile phone

- Listen to the jeep/bus radio which is normally tuned in to Yes FM or Energy FM stations...hehehe (normally the segment of Nicole-yala and Chris-tsuper is guaranteed to take your morning blues away)

- Sleep (if I'm in a bus and FX taxi I doze off for a few minutes)

Hope this gives you an idea, Jan =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fastest Interview

I woke up early this morning so I can prepare hubby's breakfast. He had an interview at 8am in Cityland 10 Tower II in Makati so he better be on time.

I woke him at around 5:45am and I went to take a bath while his busy eating his breakfast after which he took a bath after I finished. I gave him a few pointers last night on what to say to the interviewee...hehehe.

We left the house at 7:30am so we took a cab in order to go to his interview on time. After dropping him off, I went to my office. Less than 30 mins have passed, I received a text message from hubby saying that his on his way home. The interviewee is a foreigner (not sure about the citizenship) and Randiej honestly told him that his not that comfortable using Autocad unlike Solidworks. So the foreigner told him to come back once his familiar with Autocad since he will be asked to do a hands-on as an exam. I think it took only 15-20 mins for Hubby to be interviewed.
Now I'm contemplating if I should enroll my husband in a short term course for Autocad or he can just do a self-study of the software. I was thinking that a certificate completing the course is a plus when you apply for jobs, right? I'm not sure if Hubby will like the idea. I was having doubts of his suggestion "self-study". That means he will go to his aunt's house in QC to install the software on the PC (it matches the system requirements needed for Autocad 2008) but his brother is living there (a BI) who had the DSL connection back and that means only one thing, they can play DOTA anytime.

I'm not obviously thrilled with his idea...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greetings Around the World

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Memes are a great way to link everyone together. In Cyberspace, many people use English as the Universal Language and say Hi, Hello and more. Have you tried learning other languages of the same meaning?

Let’s get to know each other by placing a welcome/hello greeting in your language and spread it over all bloggers in cyberspace.

1. Copy the text from Start Copy Here.
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3. In the next number, add your blog url and link it.
4. Add the greetings that you use frequently or one that is in your traditional language.

Konichiwa Meme by AikoAiko

1. All About Kawaii says Konichiwa
MommyAllehs Up-Close And Personal says Mabuhay! Hello! Hi!
Insights from the Grocery Cart says Mabuhay! Haler! Kamusta?
Eds Mommy Life says Mabuhay! Kumusta! Hi! Hellow po! Haler!
Jhona My Wonderful life says Hi! Hello! Kumusta?

6. Me, Myself and I says Hi! Haler! Elow! Kamusta?

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Good News, Bad News

- I get an email from work telling me that I got another hire for this month! That is the 3rd placement that I had for August. My US recruiter counterpart said that I am kicking ass!

- No commissions per hire/placement. BUMMER!

- I have an incoming funds in Paypal due on Thursday this week! (US time).

- My bonus that was supposed to be given last July 16 is still unknown. No feedback and update as of today. Grrrr!

- I had a relaxing weekend. More hours of sleep and I feel revitalized

- Back to reality meaning back to work!

- Hubby is schedule for an Autocad exam and interview tomorrow for a Design Engineer position here in Makati

- We are still waiting for an update on his application in Bahrain. The boss of the company will be flying back from his UK vacation on mid-September. That is 2 more weeks of being patient. Hopefully it's worth the wait

Hope you all had a great weekend ! Ü

Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Home

I can't believe that the long weekend is almost over. Sigh! I'm enjoying myself here in my grandma's house. Too bad that we have to go back in Makati and face the reality that means going back to work.

Randiej on the other hand will have to study the Autocad 2008 software that I purchased tomorrow. Hopefully, he can pass the exam on Wednesday (that's his scheduled interview) for a company in Makati.

Overall I'm still optimistic with my life and hubby's. There are goals that I set for myself and I know I can do it. I'm a driven and strong-willed person especially if I want to achieve or get something.

Oh well, I have to enjoy the rest of the hours for the meantime...

Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of the few reasons why I went here (Dasma) is to check the exact problem with the desktop that the people here are complaining about. According to my brother and cousins whenever they turn it on, it will show the Windows XP Home logo then tries to boot up to the pre log-on screen of windows and then it will automaticall restarts on its own.

Early this morning, I tried to see it for myself and surely their exact description is what transpired. Being a technical support for Dell for almost 3 years, I tried to boot it in Safe Mode - no go. Try Last Known Good Configuration - no go. I checked the CMOS setup and load the defaults setting - no go. Reseat the IDE cable of the HD - no go. I'm actually getting frustrated trying every possible way to know the CAUSE of the problem.

This time, I set the CMOS setup to boot from the CD-ROM then I put the WinXP CD. This time I tried to repair the XP using the command - chkdsk /r. The repair run for 45 mins as I expected. I was thinking that it could be a hard drive failure but no errors comes up when the repair is in progress until it finished. Hardware issue is disregarded. After the repair, I restarted the PC hoping and praying that it will work. To my dismay, it didn't. I called a friend who is my former team mate in Client Logic. Re-format and re-install is my last resort so I tried to look for other options aside from that. Luckily she's at home and not at work. Thank goodness! She told me to try another repair of Windows XP without going to the command prompt. That meant is proceeding to a new Windows installation but instead of selecting to install a fresh copy of the OS, I will choose the R for repair. Gratefully I said goodbye and hoping for the best that this will work.

I boot again from Windows XP disc then follow the prompts that my friend told me (I must admit that I'm a little bit out of touch with my T/S skills now). The repair went well with a breeze then when it restarted I was glad that I passed through the screen where the PC will restart on it's own and then shocked to see a screen of Windows where it's welcoming you and telling you that they guide you for a step-by-step to setup the PC. That is the screen that you normally see when you just reinstall a fresh copy of an OS. I'm having doubts if the old files are still there. I was thinking that I should have reinstall a fresh copy if all the files will be gone with this method. I went follow the prompts on the screen then the PC restarted and voila! Lo and behold! The desktop screen with the icons of the old files and programs are still there! Even the broadband connection is working okay after plugging the cable. OMG!

Now the PC is running and my brother and cousins are happy to have it up and running. They are so addicted in changing the layouts of their friendster profiles...hehehe. I'm happy as well since I can check my emails, blog an entry for the day and start my digital scrapping

I will suggest to my aunt to have the RAM upgraded and the HD drive as well so it will be much faster and more files can be stored. After this incident, I missed the days when I was troubleshooting 5 days a week for PC and laptop users. But then again, I'm happy with my current job

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast Break

This will be a quick entry for me. It seems that I'm running out of time to blog for the day. I was hoping that I could blog some more but on the first half of my day, I was busy browsing the net for an Autocad freeware which I could download for hubby. There's one which is Autocad 2009 but the system requirements are so advance so I set aside the idea to download it. It's no use to download it and then it will not work properly on the laptop or desktop that we have.

Second half of the day was focused on my work then I made a quick break and went to Makati Cinema Square so I can buy an Autocad 2007 or lower versions just so to meet the system requirements. The only available version is 2008. Oh well, it's better to have one than nothing.

Hubby needs to practice and be familiarize with the software since he will be having an interview for a Design Engineer position and an exam in Autocad. So there, I'm keeping my fingers cross that the software will run in the laptop or on the desktop in my grandma's house. Yep! Will be going today to Dasma Cavite once my shift is over. I love long weekends!

I only have two minutes left to get ready. Time for me to pack up and leave the office.

Ciao for now

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.31

When I read in Jan's blog for this week's topic, I remembered the song of Sharon Cuneta "Highschool Life". In the song, it says that it was a phase in student's life that is most memorable and unforgettable. Probably because there are many "firsts" that happened during this period Ü

Let's see, when I was in highschool my major concerned was my grades. I make it a point to be academically competitive. So my usual WORRIES and FEARS were:

* Graduation
* Grades
* Exams
* Projects
* Terror Teachers who made you feel that your going to failed in their subjects
* Math ( I don't like this subject except for Trigonometry)
* Physics (because it's getting tougher and tougher every quarter)
* CAT (actually I hate the preparation of putting white barrettes and hairnet. I also dislike it when the male students have a tendency to be a bully with their subordinates)
* Prom
* My loyal suitor back then (his so persistent that I always have to make a way for him not to see me)

(Listed items are arranged from top to bottom based on their level of importance)

Gin Kings is the Champ!

The Barangay Ginebra crowd were rejoicing yesterday night after the final game for the Smart-PBA Fiesta Conference held in Araneta Coliseum. It was really an intense game for both of the teams. Ginebra started off with a lead against Air 21 despite that Mark Caguioa was injured. Come 2nd Quarter, Air 21 managed to stay close to Ginebra and even take the lead for awhile.

Turning point is the 3rd Quarter where Eric Menk showed what he is made of by making 18 points for the Gins. He showcased his talent at this quarter making him the MVP of the conference together with Ronald Tubid who had his fair share throughout the series.

On 4th Quarter it was a do-or-die moment for Ginebra since one by one their players started to have injuries. First is Juntie Valenzuela followed by Chris Alexander. After some time, the latter came back to the game and managed to be of help till the very end (take note, he had 5 personal fouls at this quarter) .

Truly it was a dramatic moment for Ginebra. They won the championship without the help of JJ Helterbrand who was considered the Best Player of the conference. Plus the fact that their players got injured in pursuit for the title.

It was indeed a NEVER SAY DIE event for all Ginebra players and fans Ü

Custom Writing

Part of being a student is countless of paperwork’s that serves as a project for our academic records. I bet that most of us dislike these types of assignments especially if you’re not into writing.

I can still remember when I was in high school that I heard some of my schoolmates seeking for a ready-made Research Papers in Recto (a place known to all where you can buy almost everything; which is a part of the University Belt in Manila). I think I was in my senior year in high school when we were asked to create a research paper as a project and part of our clearance for graduation. Unfortunate to some of them, our English teacher knew all about it and they were grilled for questioning...hehehe. Tough luck.

Writing essays is one of my favorites in school. I don't mind if the exam is essay writing since I know I can handle it fine. Nope, I've never been a part of the school newspaper if that's what you’re all thinking. There are Compare And Contrast Essays that can be seen on the papers that I read from my schools which I really liked and enjoyed.

Now for those who are not given a flare for writing or basically not interested in writing at all, you can opt to Buy Essay online. There you can actually have it customize based on your specifications and instructions also this is a perfect solution if your in a tight deadline and don't have much enough time left for researching. What's more if you are not satisfied with the output it can be revise completely without any charges! How cool is that? I wish we had something like this back in my schooldays....hehehe.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Game 7 - PBA Fiesta Conference

Tonight's game for the Fiesta Conference will be action-pack just like it did on Game 6. Lots of fouls and technical fouls given. Surely Game 7 will be no exception. It will be MORE intense compared to the other games. Air 21 and Brgy. Ginebra stands 3-3, making today's game crucial for both of them.

Expect fpr Araneta Coliseum to be jam packed with fans from both teams although majority will be cheering for Brgy. Ginebra. The Gins known as crowd favorite never looses it's fans despite that the team's players changes every season.

One of my colleague will be going to Araneta today together with her siblings. There will be there watching the game. I wish I could be there as well. Maybe in the future when JJ Helterbrand can play in the game. Hubby is a fan of him.

GOOD LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS! This will be a do or die match that is worth watching :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mistaken Identity?

I forgot to share a funny story about us. It happened last August 5 when we (hubby and I) are on our way back to my grandma's house from our lunch in Tagaytay.

Just like any ordinary subdivisions in Cavite, we rode a tricycle in order for us to get inside the village then home. The driver of the tricycle happens to know me by face since he always saw me whenever I'm having a vacation there.

Just when we are nearing to a stop in front of my lola's house he asked me if the person I'm with is my "Papa". Confused was probably written all over my face because he asked me the same question for the second time. My brain is working if he meant of Papa is "my biological father" or "my special someone". Still unable to answer he elaborated the question asking me "Tatay mo ba yan?". Surpised by the meaning of his question I automatically replied, "Hinde ah, asawa ko po yan". It was an honest mistake by the driver so we don't hold any grudge against him. After that incident, I always tease hubby about it. Lucky for me, he was very sport and cool about my jokes.

Sometimes I really wonder if I look so young that some people mistook my husband as my biological father?! Or was it that my husband looks older because of his subtles?!

What do you think? Do we look like a father-daughter tandem? Ü

MORAL LESSON: LOOKS can REALLY be deceiving...hehehe

New Look

Finally! I had my haircut last Sunday courtesy of Eddie Bruan,. He did my make-up on my wedding and since then we became good friends :)

I was sporting a waist-length hair for like 3 months. It was the longest my hair has ever been in my entire life. When I was in grade school and high school, my mother always make it a point for our hair to be short and it never should passed our shoulders.
Here's my before and after pics:


I know I look like a mermaid here minus the fish tail. I told you, I had a long hair.


It's now a shoulder-length layered hair. He had my hair cellophaned for extra shine :)

You Have Very Healthy Relationships

This is sooo ME :)

You are an amazing friend, partner, and family member.

You always take other people's feelings into account, and you're never selfish.

Your relationships are based on mutual respect.

You respect the people you love, and you only love people who respect you in return.

Hair Loss

Doctors said that is normal to shed some hair each day since its part of the "hair cycle". However, some people may experience excessive hair loss. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress due to an illness, infections and underlying diseases like lupus or diabetes.

However on male population, the most ordinary cause of hair loss is the "male-pattern baldness" or "permanent-pattern baldness". This is usually hereditary. If men start losing their hair at a young age it tends to develop more extensive baldness resulting in a receding hair line and baldness on top of the head which we are very much familiar with. Good thing, I didn't see excessive hair loss on hubby although sometimes I was wondering on how he will look like if his hair starts to thin then it becomes bald...hehehe. If the time comes that I have to face that, then I could rely on some Products for Hair Loss. There are a lot of products saying that they are effective to treat hair loss and even baldness but it helps to do a research of your own and seek a doctor's advice on which product to use to avoid any side effects at your end.

Apart from the medicines, you can opt to have”hair transplantation" through the help of a reliable surgeon. If you have the money and want faster results then you can go for this option instead.

Friday, August 15, 2008

All Done

If you haven't noticed all my posts for the day is all about TAGS. Lotsa' them...hehehe. It piled up one after the other. Good thing that I'm not so busy with work since I've reached my quota for this week.

Early this afternoon, I was very sleepy. I slept at around 1am today. Hubby and I went to Glorietta last night to meet my sister for some stuff that she brought for us. After which, we check the TV racks on SM Homeworld then we ended up to Glorietta 4 Cinemas. We watched the last full show of "Don't Mess with a Zohan" and went home at 12:30 am.

As expected from Adam Sandler together with his best bud Rob Schneider, the movie was pure laughing-trip. If you want to enjoy your long weekend, definitely include "watching Zohan movie" on your to-do list. The film was slightly naughty but definitely hilarious.

On Monday, we will probably watch either Wall-E or Mummy 3. The movie Rogue, will just watch it on DVD. I'm not so fond with the idea of watching crocodiles kill it's prey on the big screen. Scary!

Oopps, time for me to go home. Have to cook our dinner...'till next week!

Why do we need Friends?

Thanks Jhona for this tag! Ü
We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort uswhen we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us
one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

Spread the poem of friendship.1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 4 My Wonderful Life ....5. Me, Myself and I 6. YOU!

I'm passing this to : Thet , Sheryll and Jan Ü

Coffee Break Ver 1.31

Advance Happy Birthday to you Jan! Ü
I saw your blog in multiply just this morning...hehehe. Now moving to our coffee break topic...

A couple of days back I've watched in cable the games of our two Filipino athletes, Mark Javier (archery) and Harry Tanamor (boxing) respectively. I was hoping that Javier will won but he didn't. The Chinese Taipe he was up against was good. They are tied when Javier's opponent hit the bullseye twice making him the winner. In Tanamor's case, I already knew that he will be lost. The scoreboard shows that his contender is 4 points ahead. As much as Filipinos are known for being a great boxer, I guess lady-luck was not on Tanamor's side at that time.

The answer is plain and simple: A BUDGET ALLOTED FOR OUR FILIPINO ATHLETES. The husband and I were discussing about this yesterday night on how absurd GMA's idea of giving a 14M pesos for whoever from our athletes brings home a gold medal. How come she can give a 14M in an instant instead of alloting that money before the Olympics to support and provide the necessary trainings and expenses our athletes needed.

I was surprised to know that we only have 15 representatives in Beijing unlike before. So what are the odds of bringing home a gold medal when they are only few who can compete in various categories. We don't have representatives for basketball, bowling and the equestrian which we have before. We do have boxing but it was represented by only one.

Honestly, they are a lot of talented athletes who can represent our country for international competitions. The only issue is the MONEY. Hopefully after the Beijing Olympics, our government will take time to realize the importance of our athletes in giving pride and honor to our country.

6 Layers of Me

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4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tagged in order to join. Copy this Participants List:
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LAYER ONE:– Name: Joanne
– Birth date: August 5
– Birthplace: Pasay City
- Current Location: Makati City
– Eye Color: dark brown
– Hair Color: dark black
– Righty or Lefty: righty

– Your heritage: Filipino
– The shoes you wore today: I'm wearing a sandals from Gibi since it's raining this morning
– Your weakness: bags and clothes
– Your fears: death
– Your perfect pizza: Hawaiian Pizza with lots of cheese and pineapple...Mmmm..
– Goal you’d like to achieve in life: To have a stable and happy family. To be good parent to my kids and for me and hubby to be together forever! =P

LAYER THREE:– Your most overused phrase on AIM: All that we are is the result of what we have thought
– Your first waking thoughts: It's morning! Time to get up!
– Your best physical feature: my face
– Your most missed memory: my childhood memories while growing in my grandparent's house
LAYER FOUR:– Pepsi or Coke: Coke
– McDonald’s or Burger King: BK
– Single or group dates: Single
– Adidas or Nike: Nike
– Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea
– Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
– Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee

– A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Princess Di
– Movie you can watch and say the lines along with the actors: That will be "Romeo and Juliet"
– Name two of your passions in life: dancing & writing
– Least favorite time of day: 5:30 am, which is my waking time during weekdays

– Use hairspray or gel: none
– Your favorite meal: Lunch. I do skip breakfast and I can skip dinner as long as there's luch and afternoon snacks
– Color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes: Black
– Listen to classical music: Sometimes if I'm up to it
– Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: nope


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On Being Domesticated & Chores tag

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I like to do the laundry compared to ironing the clothes since I find it much easier to do....hehehe. Hubby on the other hand loves to wash the dishes since I'm the one whose in charge of cooking. Both of us like to do grocery since it's a form of shopping without feeling guilty... ahahaha!

Right now we dont' have a helper and I'm proud to say that we are doing well. It takes two to tango as they say so me and hubby are aware of helping each other out. One factor is that we don't have any child(ren) of our own yet so we are still in tip top shape to manage the household chores.

If ever that we will have a baby of our own in the future then that's the time I will consider getting a helper or nanny. I told hubby that even if we have a kid(s), I still want to work.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm done with my work! Yahooo! It's time for me to wander the net.

Yesterday, I have to answer all the pending tags and opps. Whew! Good thing I did finished. Except for some new tag(s) that I have to do before the week ends. I'll just do them tomorrow...hihihihi

Monday is holiday! Yipeee, another long weekend! I love August! Although in Chinese, it's a Ghost Month but I think I considered myself lucky on my birth month.

Btw, congrats to Barangay Ginebra for winning Game 4. The status of the Fiesta Conference Finals is 2-2. We watched their game on TV 5 last night. I was actually planning to watch Game 5 tomorrow live in Cuneta Astrodome together with Hubby but he told me that he prefers to watch a movie or two instead. Says his not up for the treat of watching the game live since JJ Helterbrand is not playing due to injury.... choosey!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love Shopping

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