Thursday, July 24, 2008

Window Coverings

When we were still staying at Hubby's aunt house, our room's window was covered with vinyl blinds and it's been there for quite sometime until last April when her aunt decided to replaced it with a curtain/s.

Most of the time, offices are the common place where we see blinds and shades. In the US, some homes replaced curtains by using blinds instead. I think it's okay especially if your home or room/s is fully air-conditioned or the surroundings of your home is well-ventilated. That will save you time and effort in fixing up your windows with curtains and not to mention doing the laundry. Just like curtains, blinds serves as a shield from the sun and also somehow conceal if not everything that's inside the house or rooms.

Now if you're looking for a blind that is eco-friendly but doesn't sacrifice its sole purpose which is to reduce heat and protection from UV rays then I can suggest Bali Blinds.

If you’re the type whose always on the look out for budget-friendly products then no worries. Try Bali Cellular Shades. They offer a great selection of fabrics and upgrades plus discounts as well.

Apart from Bali, Hunter Douglas Blinds has a product line which is the Duette Honeycomb Shades. It offers the largest selection of pleat size, opacity, and color plus you can have a free upgrade for Top-Down/Bottom-Up on their selected products + extra 5% off. Another brand that gives you a value for your money.

This gave me an idea for my future blinds and shades purchase in the future :)

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