Monday, July 21, 2008

What's in a NAME?

It's start of a new week and I decided to answer last Thursday Q's in N@Wie (wohoo!) .
It's an interesting topic about knowing each other's names and the reason behind it so here's mine...

1. What is your full name and its history? (Who named you? Does your name have a meaning? Who are you named after?)
My full first name is Joanne. I was named afte rmy parents whose names are Jun and Anicia. They just combined their names together then my mother added a few letters to make it unique (somehow).

2. What is hubby's full name and its history?
His name is Randiej (pronounce as Randy). I think his father was the one who named him but I'm not sure the reason or history behind it. All I know is that their father is creative in giving names and changing its spellings (for example, his brother is named Khriztoffer).

3. When you were younger (maybe high school age), what names would you doodle on paper whenever you'd daydream about being married someday?
Normally I just doodle my first name then add the surname of my crush at that time. For example: Joanne Garcia =P

4. What do your parents call you when they're angry and you're about toget a sound scolding?
Those who are close to me like family and selected friends called me Jo. If my parents are angry they will called me by my whole first name. Same thing with my siblings. That's what I observed from them.

5. Do you like your name? Why or why not? If your answer is no, wha tname do you wish you had instead?
I like my name. It's common nowadays but it's fine with me. After all, I was named after my parents so there's a sentimental reason behind my name. No regrets at all. I'm happy with it :)

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