Friday, July 4, 2008

Transgender Man Gives Birth

I know you've heard about Thomas Beatie (Fil-Am) who was born female but decided to switch gender to become a male. He was pregnant at that time when Oprah interviewed him together with his wife last April in her show, attracting a lot of viewers worlwide. Last June 29 he gave birth to a healthy baby girl in St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon and currently his at home together with his wife and their baby.

Beatie conceived through artificial insemination using a sperm donor which they selected. He beagn his sexual transformation 10 years ago taking testosterone injections and had surgery to remove his mammary glands and flatten his chest. But apart from that, his female organs are still intact for the sole purpose of having his own baby someday.

The baby will be raised in a normal family environment where Beatie will be the father while his wife Nancy will be the mother... kinda weird don't you think? But hey, almost anything is possible these days...

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