Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Superhero Tag

Thanks Jacque for this tag! Ü This got me thinking real hard...

If I am a mutant or had a special abilities I will definitely want to be INVINSIBLE. You have the pleasure to do everything you want without any audience and without leaving a trace :)

In real life, I think my special abilities would be (1) I get along pretty well with anybody. Even though I have so many friends with different personalities I managed to be friends with all of them. Apart from that, I'm getting along well with my siblings. Only a few times we do quarrel with each other or have some misunderstandings.

(2) I am a strong will person though I may say that I cry easily but being the eldest in the family proves that I can be strong in hard times especially when my family is involved. I have the tendency to bear all the problems and come up with a solution for all of it. Up to now, I still do the same thing between me and my husband. Since his no longer working, I'm the one who will act as a provider for the time being. I'm the one who will come up with solutions towards our financial issues. Good thing that I'm used to this scenario, otherwise I might quit and give up on us.

So there is my so-called special abilities. Not sure if it's really special to others but for me those are the traits that I find extra ordinary in me

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