Friday, July 18, 2008

Shopaholic Series

I finally did it!
I'm done reading the e-books of Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series. It was addicting to read it and sad to say I have no more shopaholic books to read at.

While I was reading it, I was having mixed emotions. There are times that I'm laughing alone and sometimes I'm crying by myself. Hubby caught me once crying, I was reading the Shopaholic and Sister. At that time, Beck was having troubles with Luke (his husband). She thinks that sooner or later they wil be heading to splitsville. I was emotional at that time when I was reading it since we are having some issues as well. But all is well now.

Moving forward, the series are very entertaining. It's funny, witty and there's a moral value. You will never get bored and it feels like you've been with them throughout the your some character that is a part of their world as well. That's what I feel most of the time when I'm reading it. I feel the same way when I was so hook reading the Sweet Valley series...ahahaha!

I recommend this chick lit to all the females out there! You will never regret spending your time with these books :) Promise!


Gracie said...

i have the same books as you have. quite funny, di ba? i started with the confessions of a shopaholic & read through the 4 others. it was addictive! :)

Unknown said...

Ahehehe! Yup! As in. I always wanted to read the other books :)

Too bad it ended with Shopaholic and the Baby Ü