Monday, July 21, 2008

Shining and Shimmering

"Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend" - That's a quote that always pops in my mind whenever I hear jewelry/ies. Well, there's actually a truth on that. Most of the female population likes accessories especially if it's jewels or gemstones. I mean, who wouldn't?

Tiffany's is a well-known establishment in making fine jewelries and diamonds (remember the scene in Sweet Home Alabama where the politician guy proposed to Reese Witherspoon in Tiffany's NY). Apart from them, another organization is known in designing, manufacturing and distributing colored gemstones and jewels. They are the
STS Jewels in Long Island, NY.

This is the first time that I actually heard of them but they have extensive product development and infrastructure team spread worldwide! Apart from that, STS Jewels specialization is Tanzanite Jewelries (Tanzanite is actually classified in the gem world as a three-colored gem and can onlye be found in Tanzania, Africa). So when you see deep blue, flashes of purple and shades of violet in one stone, they are exclusively tanzanite's. Too bad I haven't seen one. It must be precious like a Blood Diamond :)

To know more about them and their Tanzanite jewelries, you can search them in the web. Just type in STS Jewels and see for yourselves their exquisites jewelries that will surely take away every girl's breath.

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