Monday, July 28, 2008

Rank 3

Every Monday, I always make it a habit to check my blog then my page rank. Unfortunately, this time I went down a notch. Yikes!

At least it's only minus one and I shoud be thankful for that. I heard some people got zeros. Honestly, I don't have any idea on how G decides on what will be your PR. Although I've read some explanations but it's still not clear to me. There are even some who claims that it really doesn't matter how low or high is your PR. I forgot the explanation. I read it a few months back when I was starting my blog.

Maybe I should read more about it later. For the meantime, time to do my job so I can have some spare time in the afternoon to do my "other" job. Hehehe.

Have a great morning everyone! Too bad the week started with buckets of rain
I just wish that next week will be a different picture...

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