Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last Monday I called our photographer/videographer for our wedding to clarify some things. Up to now we haven't selected the pics for our wedding album. Yup, I know what you are all thinking. Barely 3 months to go and it will be our 1st year wedding anniversary and we still don't have our album and video. Let me explain why...

November last year, I told them that I want a variety of photos in our wedding album which means I want to see colored, black/white and sepia pictures all roll into our album. I was first told that we should do the editing of the pictures to the color schemes that we want and then give them the raw copies. They will take responsibility with the layout for the album. This got me baffled. Since that's the case, selecting of our wedding pictures for the album is not a bit exciting as it seems. Apart from that, both of us were busy with work plus the fact that I don't have a computer where I can sit and select the photos then edit them.

So back to the intro of this entry, I called them to clarify this issue for the 2nd time around. Again, I spoke to photographer's wife. This time she told me the opposite of what transpired last year about the pictures. She told me that they can do the editing and we just have to give them instructions on what picture should be in colored, b&w and sepia. Sheesh! If they told me that beforehand it wouldn't take forever for us to select the pictures and we probably have our wedding album by now.

For the meantime, I have a lot of projects that are long overdue (I made an entry for that in my blog) but I decided to make this the priority first. I will start selecting the pictures this weekend. Good thing I'm on VL for 2 more days which means I have plenty of time to select the pictures.

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