Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pissed Off

I was in high spirits when I came to the office this morning for the ff. reasons:

(1) It's our payday today
(2) It means that are bonus that is due last July 16 will be in our payroll account today as promised by the HR manager.

Ha! The salary was there but the bonus in nowhere to be found. Geeze... it was supposed to be given 15 days ago and now, it's not there... again! I was expecting that bonus to pay for our rent and now I have no choice but to get it from my salary.

I'm just waiting for our PM to tell her that the bonus is not in our payroll. I have a deep sinking feeling that they will give it on the next payday.... Sh!t them... That's the only consolation that we have since compared to other recruitment BPO companies we don't have commissions and yet they're having a hard time giving it to us what is rightly due. We even have a signed contract for that bonus and it was stated when and how much should be given to us.

Arrggh! They really know how to spoil their employee's mood!....

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