Monday, July 28, 2008

Peter Answers

I was supposed to post this on Friday but I'm having trouble putting up images on this entry.

We were all busy working in the office last Thursday morning and then we heard surprised disbelief comments from two of our colleagues (both of them are females named NiƱa and Aisah).

One of my colleague (who happens to be a gay named Rod) got curious and went to their station to see what's the commotion all about. Then I can only hear our their whispers then after a couple of minutes, another voice of disbelief from our gay colleague. I got curious as well and so is my other two female colleaguea (named Gi and Con) . We all troop to their station to see exactly what's happening.
Turns out that Aisah has this website up on her desktop screen wherein you have to type any question then Peter (the virtual person on the website) will answer accurately whatever questions you have. Sound intriguing, right? One by one each of us ask a question in which in return it got accurate answers although some has typo errors. All of us are surprised and full of disbelief. We were all thinking that there is some black magic on that website that it can answer almost any questions we have and practically know all of us in the office.
After lunch break some of my colleagues decided to try the website for themselves. Three of them pull it up and start typing some questions. This time, they are confused on why the webiste doesn't give them some answers unlike before. The answers they got this time were like - "I'm a bit tired, could you try it later?" or "I will curse you". They are all thinking that probably virtual "Peter" is really tired...hehehe.

This got my brain working so what I did is make a quick research about this website and aha! I found the answer that I need. Turns out that the website's purpose is to make a good time out of your friends and family. In short, it's a PRANK. Explanation is that you pull up the website and it comes up with a two field boxes. The first box says - Petition the the second says - question.

The trick is, you will ask the person of the question they want to ask. If you know the answer that will be very easy on your end but if not, you have to ask them the answer and make an adlib. Now, on the first field that's where you will type the answer to the question, you need to start it first with a period followed by the answer. That field box is already porgrammed that whatever you type on the keyboard, the screen will show you the petition like - Peter, please answer: OR Peter, please answer the following question:. Be discreet and act like casually, your audience will never know the difference.

Then type the question on the second field. Upon hitting the enter key on your keyboard, Peter will answer like he knows everything. Pretty devious huh?!

All of us fall into this prank. Lesson learned: There is always an explanation for everything. Most of them are logical.

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