Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Guardian Angel

After watching The Fallen, I suddenly remembered the angel store in Robinson Manila where we used to go during college days. The name of the store is Angelissimo (spell check). They have all kinds of angel stuff and what got me interested is they have this miniature of 7 angels representing the seven days in a week. By knowing the day when you were born then you will know who is your guardian angel. The miniature angels is inside a velvet pouch bag together with a piece of paper that has the prayer for your angel.

I know that I bought a miniature angel but I have probably misplaced it in our house. Too bad. Now, I want to have again my guardian angel miniature! First, I need to find out whose my guardian angel. It's been 11 years since the last time I saw the miniature angels and I forgot whose my angel.

I found this website and enter my birth date to find out the day I was born. Turns out it was TUESDAY back then and so my guardian angel is none other than....


St. Raphael is the Archangel of the Christian's journey to heaven. He is assigned by God to accompany us along the way of our pilgrimage in search of the treasures of real happiness which God has in store for all His children. He also gives the light to discern correctly God's ways and protects us from the dangers that befall us on our way to our heavenly home. As his name Raphael connotes, "medicine of God," he is the Angel that brings good health and abundant provisions during our journey. (Tob. 8:3; 12:15).

He is also known as the archangel of Judaism, Christianity and Islam who performs all manner of healing.

Now I just have to look for the Angelissimo store if they still have this miniature angels. Or better yet, I can get a figurine of my guardian angel and hubby's as well. Hubby's angel is St. Gabriel since he was born on Monday. Time to search for an angel store!

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