Monday, July 28, 2008


I had a free account with Kodak gallery for like 2 years until last July 1, I received an email from them that I have to avail their products/services in order for me to continue using their picture gallery. Bummer!

So I checked their website first and scan for any promos. Good thing they are offering a pocket album which costs $9.99 plus the shipping fee which costs me $5.99. Gladly I ordered one pocket album and chose some pics from our prenup done by my good friend Jazz (she borrowed her bf's digital camera who happens to be a professional photographer).

According to the delivery date, it will be 7-14 business days. Ater 7 days, I made a follow-up with their customer service through email. I was advised to wait for 7 more business days to check if I will get my order or not. After 7 business days I made a follow-up again since I still haven't receive any and today they sent me an email telling me that they will be sending me a replacement for my order! Geeze... I'm not really sure whose fault this is - Kodak or the courier.

Again, I have to wait for 5 business days to get my order (hopefully). If only I can give up my kodak account and I don't have to order or get any of their services...but I can't. There are lots of pictures there which I haven't upload in my multiply account... I wish I will get my order this time.

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