Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was watching yesterday night The Ellen Degeneres show and the commediene host showed a video about a product that does the activities of a horse. Of course not all people can own a horse except if you came from a rich family that can afford it.

It was called
iGallop and Ellen tried in on the show. You can enjoy (like) riding a horse in the comfort of your own homes. It was funny watching Ellen making a demo of the product. I bet a lot of people from her studio audience were thinking a different "thing" when Ellen push the button for galloping...hehehe.

I never knew it before but horse-back riding strengthens your hip muscle and thighs so apart from enjoying the scenery while riding a horse, you have a free workout as well. That's why OSIM created the iGallop product.

The thing is, it's pretty expensive... it costs US$ 449.10... Yikes!
I'll stick with my Hip Hop Abs DVD instead.

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