Friday, July 11, 2008

Games, E-books and Movie

The past few days I've never turned the television on our house. Most of the time I'm just in front of the laptop either playing the games that I've downloaded from Game House or reading e-books of Sophie Kinsella (that is the Shopaholic series). Right now, I'm on the Shopaholic and the Baby e-book!

I'll tell you all about the shopaholic series that I read once I'm done reading the last book. Next in line that I plan to read will be "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. I'm looking forward to learn from that book and change my POV in life...hehehe.

Right now, I'm busy seraching for cracks of the Mystery P.I games that me and Hubby love to play...ahahaha! Yeah, I know you are all thinking that I hate PC games but not so much. Only those who takes up too much time, attention and money to spend @!#$%.

The only good thing about my Hubby not having a job is that he always stays at home and he never spend his remaining money renting out a PC in an internet cafe just for the sake to play DOTA. Ha! Looks like someone is learning his lesson real hard. Serves him right! I've told him before that he shouldn't spend too much money since his not earning anything. Likewise, he will not get any money-back after playing that game.

So far so good. But I'm really hoping that within the next few days there will be a great news for both of us especially concerning his job application in Bahrain. That's our only hope since Hubby didn't even showed up for his interview for the job post for Japan which I don't understand why. He can really be stubborn and hard-headed that even I can't convince him.

Next week, I'm planning to watch The Dark Knight (aka Batman 2) which features Batman's worst and famous enemy, the Joker. Of course, we all know that Heath Ledger is the actor behind the character in the movie. I just saw the trailer a couple of months back and I can say he is really good in his portrayal. Too bad his gone now... Anyways, in Yahoo News the movie is earning loads of money on its opening and I bet same scenario will happen here in Manila when it hit the cinemas on July 17!

I'm still thinking on what day we will watch the movie...

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