Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Full of Hope

Time flies so fast and July is here!

New month and hopefully new beginning for me and Hubby. Tomorrow he will be having an interview for a Japanese company. They are looking for a designer who has experienced working in an automotive indsutry and has a knowledge speaking Nihonggo. I'm praying that Hubby will do fine tomorrow.

Apart from that, we are waiting for a feedback as well with his application in Bahrain. My aunt is helping us with his application. Most of Hubby's colleagues before were all there. Hopefully there will be a great news within the next few days.

For now, Hubby is at home. His the one in charge of washing the dishes and ironing our clothes...hehehehe. While me, I'm the one who goes to work. We've switched roles for the time being.

I'm sure LUCK will come our way soon.

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