Thursday, July 31, 2008

For the Love of Tea Latte

My dear friend and officemate, Rod actually sent us an email last week regarding the "Free Latte" coupon of Coffee Bean. You just have to present the coupon and then they will give you a latte without spending money. All of us thought that he was joking and having second thoughts if such freebie from a cafe really exist. Needless to say, we disregard his email and didn't bother to verify it with Coffee Bean.

Earlier today as I was reading emails from N@W yahoogroups, one member testified that indeed it was real! Immediately, I told Rod that the coupon is actually legit. And I told my other the colleagues as well. Since today is the last day for the free latte, I hurriedly search for the contact number of Coffee Bean in Convergys (that's the nearest outlet in our office). True enough, the crew who answered the phone told me that the coupons are vaild and we can avail it from 12 oon onwards. Ecstatic I spread the news to our team and Rod printed out the coupons. We ate our lunch first then at 1pm, we troop to Coffee Bean (Me, Con, Rod, Gi and Ms. Joy). It was just a drizzle when we got out of the office. I was wearing my jacket with hood while the rest didn't have any except for the coupons and their wallets.

There's already a line waiting outside the cafe. And your guess is as good as mine, all of them are clutching the same coupons that we have...ahahaha! We spent an hour on the cafe, waiting for our orders to be taken and for them to be served. Imagine, there are 3 baristas, 2 cashiers and 1 who's responsibility is to call out the names of the customer. Good thing that all of us didn't use our breaks and we've spent it all waiting for our free lattes. I ordered a Tea Latte Tropical Passion same with our PM then the rest ordered Tea Latte Double Vanilla.

Rod is the first one who got his order and he hurriedly went ahead back to our office. The rest of us wait for our turns then relief to be out of the cafe clutching our free lattes. As we head back to our office there's a tolerable rain showers and briskly we are on our way to the intersection of dela rosa st and salcedo st (near makati med) when the heavy rain suddenly pour. There's a waiting shed along the street where we stay hoping for the rain to be a drizzle if not stop. 10 mins passed but still the heavy rains continues. Apart from that, there's a flood building up on the waiting shed. My oh my!

Our PM happens to bring her mobile so she called our office and asked to fetched us by the receptionist bringing two large umbrellas. After 5 mins, here comes Mike. Though it's still raining heavy, we brace ourselves to leave the waiting shed and focus on going back to our office. Inside our office, our two colleagues (NiƱa and Aisah) and Rod (who went ahead w/o us) were laughing at us since most of our clothing are soaking wet. We jokingly blame Rod for leaving us behind and for giving us the coupons. Rod feeling a little bit guilty offered his clothes on his bag which he suppose to be using for his gym workout otday. I borrowed his jacket since my jacket is all wet. Con borrowed his t-shirt and short. Gi borrowed his havaianas slippers and another shirt.

Too bad I didn't take pictures of us...hehehe. I think my team mates will not like that idea either. We are all kidding around about the free latte of Coffee Bean. Imagine, we are risking to get wet just to have the free latte! It's our fault since we didn't bring an umbrella. The pirce you have to pay for being lazy...hehehe.

Btw, I didn't like the latte that I ordered. It tastes like your drinking a flower. It smells good though but to my team mates they liked it. Weird... I'm the only one who didn't appreciate it maybe because I'm not used to drinking tea lattes. For the record, this is the first time I actually tasted one...hehehe. Oooops, I still have one coupon in my wallet...I can used it later for the Double Vanilla Tea Latte...ahahaha! This time maybe I should go to Coffee Brean Greenbelt 3....

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