Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fallen

Last Sunday where supposed to go to my dear friend's house, Laine to celebrate her son's 7th month birthday. Unfortunately, we didn't push through since it was raining hard in Makati. I was looking forward that time to see CK because his so adorably cute! His so much better and healthier now. Thank God :)

What we did instead was watched the mini-TV series THE FALLEN in DVD. My sister lent it to me a few months back and that's the only time we decided to watched it. Since it's a mini-TV series, we only spent a good of 5 hours (I think) and it's finished.

The series is intriguing since the subject is all about ANGELS. On the TV series, they tackle three kinds of angels (I know that there are different kinds of angels). The first one are the Fallen Angels which are the angels who were exiled and banished from heaven. This includes Lucifer himself.

The second kind is the Nephilim which is also called half-breed. They are half-human and half-angel. The story behind them (according to the TV series) is that some of the Fallen Angels decided to stay on earth and found the humans so beautiful they chose wives for themselves. Their offsprings becomes the Nephilim.This is the first time that I heard about them and I'm not sure if they do actually exist.

The third are called The Powers which is like a special task-force unit of angels whose tasked is to slew the Nephilims and punished the Fallen Angels. They believed that with the existence of Nephilims, the Earth is tainted by the evil doings of the Fallen Angels. For them Nephilim is equal to abomination.

Me and hubby enjoyed watching this, too bad that it only has one season composed of 20 episodes. A lot of people will learn more about angels and the fact that there are similarities between them and humans. Both of them must use their own free will and decide for themselves if their duties and responsibilities will be for good or bad.

I recommend all of you to watch this :)

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Anonymous said...

Where did your sister purchase this?? I've been looking for it everywhere and can't find it. If you would please email me at Thanks!