Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fab Specs

The last time I checked my sight vision was last 2005 and at that time I had a 20-20 vision! Which surprised me because at that time I was working in a callcenter (graveyard shift) and always typing away in front of a desktop to document everything that the caller was reporting. I wonder if I still have the same eye sight now....

If in case it's time for me to wear glasses, I want it to compliment my face and I want it to look totally good on me! LOL. Might as well choose an optical shop that will provide me the right lens for my eyes and frames that will suit my face like Apart from the huge selection of frames and lenses, they offer the lowest price since they manufactured the products themselves directly for their customers!

I would love to have any of these two eyeglasses in the future...

These type of glasses reminds me of Lisa Loeb! Totally chick!

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