Monday, July 7, 2008


Just last week, I read in a news via the internet about the launching of the e-jeepneys here in Manila particularly in Makati. I haven't seen one though but today I finally did!

Me and two of my colleagues are going to Starbucks this morning and we are walking along Salcedo St. in Legaspi Village. I saw one jeepney that is different among the rest because it's quieter and it doesn't emit any smoke at all. I even noticed the way it came by the street smoothly like it was a golf cart. That's when I know that it's the e-jeepney. It' much smaller in size compared to other smoke-belching jeeps that we have here in Manila but hey, big surprises comes in small packages as they say. And indeed it was! The new jeepnet that started to roam the streets in Makati is an environment and health friendly. It doesn't consume gas. It doesn't emit smoke. It's quieter so you can enjoy the ride amidst the traffic. It runs on batteries that are charged via electrical sockets overnight.

Another invention that we Filipinos can be proud of! It's time to help and save our mother planet! Beep! Beep!

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