Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All About Credit Cards

Before anyone will consider getting a credit card, he/she should be aware of the pros and cons of having a credit card. Apart from that, he must have an idea on how credit card works to avoid being in debt and to enjoy the privileges and perks offered by the credit card companies.

Each of us have different purpose of having a credit card. It could be for personal, emergency, business, etc. Whatever your objective is, it's better to look around and snoop a bit about the company you would want to avail for the card. It would be helpful to browse the websites of each company your eyeing. Know the things you are looking for a credit card then try to see which of them comes close to your needs.

There are credit cards which are best used for balance transfers while others are recommended by experts to save you from bad credit. Others are cited as a "best card" for day to day purchases meaning for personal use.

If you want an instant credit card especially if it's for emergency purposes then there's a list available that you can look at and select which one suits you best. Just remember, equal responsibility of managing your purchases and budgeting your finances is needed if you will have to avail a credit card(s) .


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Joanne. I think if anyone is looking for a credit card then they should look at price comparison websites like eComparison for example, to compare all the cards on the market and weigh up the benefits that each one offers. However, whatever credit card you choose, you must control your spending or the debts will quickly escalate and could take you a lot longer to pay off.

Unknown said...

I agree with you Paula. That's why having a credit card doesn't mean spending all of the crdit limit that was given to you.

I think credit cards are best used for groceries and emergency situations :)