Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.29

Good thing that I made a visit to Jan's site. Otherwise I will never know that the coffee break topic is up and ready. I guess she must have forgotten to give us the link. I'm guilty with the fact that I'm waiting for her to leave a message on my cbox...hehehe.

Now, on to this week's topic. It's my favorite must haves - BAG. I'm the type of person who always need to carry one especially if I'm going out. The only time that you can see me without a bag will be going to the grocery on weekends .

Wondering what's inside my bag that I always have to carry it?....
What's in your everyday bag?

Once you open my bag, you will see -
an umbrella
a pen
a wallet
my kikay kit
a coin purse
my mobile phone in a purse
my ID together with the keys
a comb

Since my umbrella doesn't fit the normal size bags, I prefer to always have the big ones where I won't have any trouble putting the all the stuff that I need. Plus, it's easy for me to rummage within the bag when it has lots of space...hehehe. Whereas if I will be carrying a small bag, it's very tricky and challenging as well to organize all the listed things in that size of bag.

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