Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.27

Oohh, this is fun! I love MUSIC! And I feel for ABBA when they sung, Thank you for the Music! Yeah! Thank you so much indeed!

Let's see, uhmm... I have a wide variety of music genre so I'm just going to rack up my brain for the songs that I normally would like to listen to.....

Okay! I have some, I'm not sure if it's "baduy" enough but some of the songs are influences of my Love.

What baduy love song do you like listening to?

(1) Hold On by Neocolours - This is one of my Hubby's favorites song and he liked the band as well. Gosh, I suddenly remembered that I sung a few lines for our wedding video. Yikes!

(2) After All by Air Supply - I love the melody and the lyrics of this piece. My grandmother loves listening to their songs =D

(3) Will You Still Love Me by Chicago - I love the message of the song. I think Hubby was thinking of including this in our wedding songs playlist. He must have forgotten it.

(4) You're My Inspiration by Chicago - obviously, the title itself is a visual proof why I liked it...ahahaha!

(5) I'm All About You by Aaron Carter - Surprise! Yeah, I know that Nick's younger brother sung this song when his about 14 or 15 but who cares? I like the message of the song. I always listened to this in my office workstation...hehehe.
Thanks for this week's coffeebreak Jan! Ü

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