Monday, July 14, 2008

Budget Management

Nothing new... Again I was late to post my answer for last week Thursday Qs...

1. In your household, who holds the position of budget manager? You or hubby?
It's me

2. What drastic measures (if any) have you implemented to your family members and household to help curb spending?
Right now I'm having pack lunches unlike before. Hubby on the other hand never spend his remaining money playing DOTA. Appliances and lights that are not in used are unplug and switched off most of the time. We never visit the malls like we used to nor watch movies.

3. What specific store/grocery finds have you discovered that gave themost value to your peso power? (us wives and mommies need to unite here and share about products that cost less but gave the same or even more quality than expensive/branded ones).
For us since it's walking distance from our home, we always go to Shopwise Makati. Save us the fare to commute.

4. Has the current economic conditions affected your family's lifestyle? In what way?
Yes. We never go to the malls or watch movies unlike before. Also, we don't eat much outside the house. If we are going to go to a place, we eat first at home before going out.

5. What do you think our government and concerned agencies should do to alleviate the economic suffering in our country?
Too many taxes. Everything has a tax even bonus and commissions. Sheesh! Now, they are proposing for the services of mobile providers to have a tax! What's next? Using the public restroom will have a tax as well?!

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