Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Gifts and Cakes

Whenever I'm going to send gifts for my friend's babies or my god daughters and sons, I always make it a point that it's functional and it will be used for a very long time. I want my money's worth and of course, I want their parents to be happy as well with the gifts that I'm giving....hehehe.

There's a wide variety of
Baby Gifts that you can select depending on your budget and must-have /nice-to-have things you want for the baby. There's a blankie, unique photo albums, pillows, dresses, etc. For me, I find it easier to come up with a gift for a girl instead for a boy. It seems that there are a lot of options for female gender than male making it tough to come up with a nice gift. If that's the case, I advise you to give Diaper Cakes. I first heard of this last year and when I saw one, it's really cute and unique. Surely, parents and babies will love it! The cakes are made up of diapers, lotions, shampoos, blankies and other baby accessories all bundled up in a 3-5 tier cake. Also, you can customize the cakes depending on your preferences. Cool huh?

I hear a lot about baby showers but I've never been actually gone into one. Most of my friends who have kids now didn't plan for a party for the baby. Well, it's not really a big deal here in Manila unlike in other countries. But if ever I will be invited in the near future, I will surely do a research for some ideal
Baby Shower Gifts. I'm the type of person who wants to give a gift that will be useful and will last long.

Let's see, I have two friends who will give birth this year. Might as well think of something I can give to them before their respective due dates...

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