Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All About Photos

When I was preparing for our wedding, I was thinking of a souvenir that is worth keeping and not the common things that after so many years will eventually land on a wastebasket. I was actually considering Photo Gifts like the photo magnet or the onsite photo souvenirs then we will just have to put it on a frame or even photo calendars. I'm sure that the guests will love it since it's their own pictures that will be in the souvenirs. Unfortunately, hubby is not thrilled about this idea so we opted for pillows instead. At least they can use it at home or work plus both of us love pillows.

Then after a month of our wedding, most of our relatives are asking for our wedding album. We told them that it's not yet ready since we haven't selected the pictures. Some of our principal sponsors are asking for Photo Prints that up to now we haven't done as well. I was thinking of doing it on the weekend together with my priority of selecting pictures for our wedding album.

Today, I was selecting from the pictures taken by my back-up photographer which I so love! She had great shots that I even gave her a post-wedding-thank-you-present last week :) There is one shot where she made some revisions. Instead of a color picture (almost), it was in black and white. I and hubby are facing each other while I'm holding my bouquet and we were sited in the grass lawn of Oasis. The only colored that is visible on that shot is my bouquet and everything is black and white. I forgot to ask how she did it but there's always a next time. I want a
Photo Canvas of that picture and then I'll hang it in our apartment as our wedding portrait. Nice! (see the photo below)

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