Monday, June 16, 2008

Update on Movies

I was able to watch Kung Fu Panda last Saturday! I was with my college friends Florence and Beth. Good thing that they agreed to watch it with me since after our so-called "reunion" the others went home early.

I loved it! I was laughing all the way from the beginning till the end. One kid in our row was laughing so loudly. Obviously, he enjoyed the movie. Actually, all of us in the cinema did!

I was thinking of buying an original DVD of this film. My sister had an original DVD of the movie Cars which I also like.

Though I'm turning 28 in 2 months time, part of me is still a kid at heart especially if it's watching cartoons...hehehe. I still watch Dragon Ball Z every weekend on Channel 7

Next on the list is, Narnia 2 and Incredible Hulk. I decided to watch Sex and the City in DVD instead...


Rocks said...

we went to see Narnia naman last week, ut I'm looking forward to see kungfu panda too! :)

Unknown said...

Hi sis! Bring your kids, they will enjoy watching it as well ;)